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Photo of Sarah Galvan

Got A Minute HR

Sarah Galvan
Company Culture Consultant

"To Win the Marketplace, You Must First Win the Workplace."

- Doug Conant

Identify What's Getting Between You & Big Results

Your business offers top-notch products or service. Now your business needs a team that’s capable of delivering your amazing offerings to your customers. The synergy of your outstanding business and an amazing team that can deliver consistently is the key to success.

You Have Problems. We Have Solutions.

  • Low Employee Morale

  • Internal Conflict

  • Declining Profitability

  • Poor Brand Reputation

  • Struggling to Hire

  • High Turnover

  • Lack of Innovation

  • Unhappy Customers

Become the company your employees & customers love.

Imagine creating a place where both your business & people thrive!


I believe that every small business deserves a winning team, and I've made it my mission to help you build one. I'm here to help you learn how to drive performance and get better business results.

  • A team united by a shared vision, supporting each other.

  • Open communication where ideas flow freely and minds ignite.

  • Accountability, where every individual takes ownership and drives excellence.

  • Continuous improvement, where every day is a chance to make the business better.


This isn't just a dream; it's your reality waiting to be unlocked. Partner with me and embark on a transformative journey. I  guide you  through each critical step in designing a high-performance culture that fuels your success. Stop settling for the ordinary. Unleash the extraordinary potential within your team.

Better Culture, Better Results.

The data is clear, organizations with strong cultures;

  • Perform better financially

  • Have higher customer satisfaction ratings

  • Attract and retain top talent

  • Have higher employee engagement 


Better finacial performance

A study conducted by O.C. Tanner revealed that companies with a robust and well-defined culture are 75% more likely to achieve superior financial performance than those with an undefined culture.


Higher customer satisfaction


A study by Gallup found that companies with a strong culture are 12x more likely to have high customer satisfaction ratings than companies with a weak culture.

Less turnover 

Virgin Pulse report that companies with a positive culture are 81% less likely to experience employee turnover. 


More engaged employees 

Deloitte found that organizations with a good culture are four times more likely to have employees who are actively involved and committed to their work than those with a negative culture.

"Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur."

- David Cummings

Quiz, what's the state of your culture.  take the quiz now.

Is your company thriving or could it benefit from a boost? Take the culture quiz and discover the health of your workplace culture now!

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